How do I see a retailers sales catalog?

To see a retailers sales catalog you have to link a retailer to the shopping list. Follow the below steps to configure it :

1. On your shopping list screen, swipe left on the shopping list row that you want to edit as shown below and tap on the edit icon. 



2. On the Edit screen under section "RETAILER DEALS", tap on "Link to a retailer for deals". If this is your first time you will be asked to allow Location Access, by allowing access to your location Grocery King can fetch retailers near you. Tap "Yes/Allow" to give Grocery King access to your location. If you do not wish to provide access, then you could tap on the Pin icon on the top right corner and enter your zip code manually.



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    Shawn Bowman

    This would be awesome for android, but of course we pay the same amount and iOS gets the favoritism.


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