How do I scan a product barcode and add product to my shopping list? Can I cross off an item just by scanning the product barcode?

To scan a product barcode, tap on the "barcode" icon on the top of the shopping list screen as shown below. This will open up the camera (make sure you allow Grocery King to access your camera). Place the product barcode in the center of the camera view and wait for it to focus. Once the barcode is scanned, Grocery King will lookup the barcode information on the cloud server. If product information is found then you can further edit it like selecting a category for it.

Some Tips:

1. If you have previously added the brand product to the catalog then you can quickly add that item to your shopping list just by scanning the barcode.

2. If the scanned product already exists in your shopping list then you can cross it off when you scan the product barcode. This is useful at the store where you can just scan the product barcode to cross of that item from the list.

3. You can attach a product barcode to any item in the catalog. Just open the item's edit screen and tap on the barcode icon at the bottom of the edit screen to scan a barcode and associate that barcode to the item.


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