How do I search for brand items and add to my shopping list?

With Grocery King you get access to millions of branded products with photos easily accessible via a search. To initiate a product search, just tap on the search field on the shopping list screen as shown in the screenshot below and tap on "Web" tab. Now enter the product name and tap on the search button on your keyboard. The search results will popup as you type.

You can quickly add items from your search results to your shopping list. Here are some tips :

1. When you tap on the + button on the left side of search result item row, the item will get added to the list but the search bar will remain open so that you can start typing a new item to search for. This is useful if you want to search for multiple items to add the shopping list.

2. When you tap on the right side of the search result item row, the item will get added to the shopping list and the search bar gets hidden. This is useful in cases where you basically want to search for 1 item and end your search.

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    Susan Little

    I do not have the menu with web at the top... Is it different for Android?

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