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I see an error message in my sync status, what should I do?



  • Nuno Lagartinho

    "Error Pulling From Server"

    I quit using the app with my wife because often this happened.

    I've installed the app again a few weeks ago, and now it's always like this - I can't even pull my data from server...

    Me and my wife are registered paid users!

  • Charles Ortega

    Having the same issue and it is very frustrating because I had just inputted quite a bit of data during this shopping trip. Is it all gone? I can't seem to pull from the server, but it will happily send data to the server successfully. I am afraid to change anything on that one list because it seems to be able to overwrite the data on the server and I am hoping the work I did is still on the server... Some response from the developer would be nice, folks...

  • Thomas O'Halloran

    I think the support team went on vacation and forgot to come back.

  • Debbie Rivera

    Been sending mail to grocery king about my problem no response.  I cannot change my password and APP says I am logged into the application but when I try to pull from the server I get the same error.  

    • "Error Pulling From Server"



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